In 2003 Laurie Wall decided to pursue the dream.  Like so many others before, Laurie had no idea what she was doing, but she was hell-bent-for-leather, as she is with everything she does, & Wallnuts steady climb to prosperity has not plateaued yet!  She credits her success to a work ethic similar to the Canadian Beaver.  She has an amazing staff working their tails off too - passionate, bold & pretty cute - the entire company works like a well-oiled machine. 

The main focus of Wallnuts is tailor-made planning.  They work with clients to exceed expectations & ensure your celebration is personal & truly reflective of who you are as individuals - they want to share your sense of values & style.

From small intimate gatherings to large & lavish affairs in Regina & around Saskatchewan, Wallnuts is unique.  Passionate about what they do, Wallnuts strives to ensure all their celebrations are exceptional.  They work with the best in the business & together set trends rather than follow them.

“We plan elegant, stylish, glamorous & fun celebrations! We provide event catering for the savvy, sophisticated client who demands first class service & a world-class event. From small intimate gatherings to exquisite weddings all over the province of Saskatchewan, Wallnuts strives to be the best at what we do.”

Our Team

Laurie Wall

“The Boss” runs the show. As the ring leader she makes sure that everything comes together & everyone is clapping at the end.  She’s a chef, a scotch enthusiast, a world traveller & a lover of all things decadent.