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Creative catering and event planning in a nutshell!

About Wallnuts

Wallnuts was inspired by a passion for eating healthy, nutritious and deliciously fun food. All of our delightful menu items are made from scratch on our premises, with a strong focus on cuisine that is healthy and creative using many organic and local ingredients. We are passionate about creating unique and memorable experiences through food and drink. 


232A College Avenue East
Regina, SK

Phone:  3065439255


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Tuesday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 1pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed

Any time you need us we are there for you! Give us a call and pop by soon. 

Event Planning

From small intimate gatherings to large and lavish affairs in Regina and around the province, Wallnuts Group of Companies is unique! Passionate about what we do, we strive to ensure all our celebrations are exceptional. We work with the best in the business and together we set trends rather than follow them. 

The main focus of our company is our tailor-made planning. We work with clients to exceed expectations and ensure that your celebration is personal and truly reflects who you are as individuals... we want to share your sense of values and style. 

Elegant cocktail reception, formal gourmet dinner or laid back afternoon barbecue, we'll make your dream a reality.  


We realize that a wedding is not like any other event - it is an incredibly special day that will be cherished for the rest of your life. At Wallnuts we work with you to design the entire experience and take care of all the details. Wedding packages are entirely customized for you and your day. Our goal is to make you a guest at your own wedding. Walk in awed and walk out thankful that you trusted us to deliver the perfect experience.

We do much more than just cater weddings, we can also provide bar services to match the theme and mood of the reception. We work with the best decorators in town to manage the entire set up and tear-down and ensure your vision comes to life. We also offer live streaming of your wedding for those guests who want to partake and share in your special day, but cannot physically make it to your wedding. 

Bar Service

When is comes to drinks, we also have you covered. We can do absolutely everything you need - beer, wine, spirits, mix, garnishes, straws, glassware, napkins, ice - whatever is needed, we will take care of it. At the end of the night we'll clean everything up so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Wicked Food To Go

Finding the time to cook healthy meals is difficult when you consider what it takes - shop for groceries, prepare the ingredients, cook the meal, and then wash all the dishes! The alternative has been to dine out in restaurants (so expensive!), buy pre-packaged meals from a supermarket (so unhealthy!) or order take-out (so unimaginative!). EATABLE ~ Wicked Food To Go is an affordable way to solve the dilemma of what's for dinner.

Drop in & check out what we have in store!  Our menu below is a guideline...we are constantly changing, updating & getting creative!

*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free

News & Updates

We are on Instagram at wallnutstogo

Get in Touch

Got questions? Ask away and we'll try to answer them as soon as possible. 

Let Wallnuts & EATABLE make your holiday season delicious!


 Drop into our store EATABLE to grab bake at home appetizers…

Mini Beef wellingtons with blue cheese - $30/dozen

Mini Salmon wellingtons with fresh snipped dill & cream cheese - $30/dozen

Spinach & Feta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry - $24/dozen *VEG

Cranberry & Brie parcels (phyllo) - $24/dozen *VEG

Brie wheel topped with Cran-Apple chutney wrapped in puffed pastry (6” wheel) - $50 *VEG

Lobster & Crab Cheesecake topped with fresh herbs & lemon (6” cake) - $60.00 *GF

Cheesy Saskatoon Berry Chutney sticks (wrapped in phyllo) - $24/dozen *VEG

Asparagus & prosciutto wrapped in phyllo - $30/dozen

Chicken pesto purses (puff pastry) - $30/dozen

Ask about our daily creations!  


Order for pick up or delivery

The perfect holiday Charcuterie board…

(Italian shaved & cured meats/Imported cheese variety/pickled things/marinated artichokes/dried fruit/nuts/grapes/crusty bread/house made crackers ~ festively decorated!


Turkey, butternut squash, Brussel sprout, potato & rosemary skewers with cranberry balsamic reduction


Baked brie wrapped in puff pastry stuffed with apples, cranberries & pecans


Tomato, marinated boccoccini, basil skewers with balsamic reduction


Beef, Pickled Red Onion and Horseradish Crème Fraîche Crostini


Mini Focaccia sandwiches stuffed with Turkey, cranberry chutney, house grown sprouts


Cranberry sauced all beef meatballs


Turkey sausage ~ sage & walnut ~ cranberry preserve


Roasted root vegetables warm with house made pesto


Prairie cherry & pecan phyllo parcels


Season bruschetta toppings ~ house baked crostini


Cranberry Pecan Goat cheese balls with pretzel sticks


Lebanese pumpkin hummus ~ Avocado cranberry salsa ~ Cranberry & feta butter with pistachio crust ~ Cranberry Jalapeño dip (served with house baked chips)


Parmigiano Reggiano And Rosemary Shortbread


Toasted herb nuts



Trust Us

(Give us a budget & we’ll grab the freshest in-season ingredients & show off our creativity)


The sky is the limit, but this is what I remember about Christmas dinner at home…

Roast turkey with Fruit & veggie stuffing + gravy

Garlic & chive crushed potato

A bunch of really great veggies steamed & enveloped with butter & fresh herbs

Baked sweet potatoes with apples & cinnamon

Tail-gate coleslaw OR crisp green salad with fresh garden crudities

Pickle/olive tray

House baked buns/bread with flavored butter trio

We’re no slouch when it comes to dessert too…ask us about tasty creations that will blow your diet out of the water!


Ask how our brother company, BarNuts, can turn your party into an event!

 The Malcolm Clan’s Famous Christmas Fruit cake

Available in our store & around Regina!

(Packed full of fruit & nuts…soaked in dark Rum…shipped worldwide)


Wondering what to buy your parents, colleagues, friends, service provider this year?

Delicious & Nutritious meals from EATABLE to take home!  Because dining in is the new dining out!

The gift of food is a gift from the heart!  Gift certificates & wrapping available!

Drop into our store…

232 College Ave East ~ Regina