Let’s Talk

We want your wedding day to be perfect down to the last detail. The first step to making that happen is the initial consultations…make an appointment to sit down & hash out the details. This is your chance to express your vision and discuss the various service and menu options. We want to know what your favorite foods are, if you or your family have any dietary restrictions, where the wedding reception will take place, the type of event and service you envision and where you are comfortable budget wise. The more information you provide the better able we will be to create the perfect proposal for catering your Saskatchewan wedding.

The Proposal

With your vision in mind, we will create a custom wedding catering menu for your big day. The proposal will also include a detailed quote for all the components we discussed during the consultation. After sending you the proposal we will contact you again to review the details and answer any questions. While we endeavor to get it right the first time out, we welcome any feedback and expect to make revisions to meet your expectations for food, service and budget.

A Menu Tasting

With the menu for your wedding catering perfected, the next step is to schedule a tasting.  The purpose of the tasting is to show you how the menu items will be presented and garnished and give you an opportunity to provide feedback and request any changes. The tasting can be for 2–4 people. We discourage having more than that people because our goal is to focus on you and your fiancé’s wishes and, with too many voices, your vision can get lost in the plethora of opinions. If you have already confirmed your wedding catering with us there is no charge for the tasting. For couples still trying to decide we charge $100 per person for the tasting which is then deducted from your deposit when you confirm your wedding catering with us.

Booking Your Wedding Catering

When you are thrilled with your experience and convinced that Wallnuts is the perfect company to help make your special day delicious we’ll be able to pen you in our calendar once a deposit of 50% of the total quoted in your proposal is paid.  We will continue to be in touch via emails and phone calls as your planning progresses so we can answer any questions and provide guidance along the way. One month before your wedding, we will schedule a meeting to go over all the service details for the big day. The goal of this meeting is to reassure you that we have every detail under control so you can focus on more important things - like each other.

Some ideas for menus with price point….

Spring / Summer Buffet – $38.65 per guest

Based on 50 guests

Salads & Sides

Mixed New Growth Lettuce - tossed with fresh berries, sweet field onions & creamy vinaigrette

Caprese Salad - vine ripened tomatoes, bocconcini & fresh basil in a emulsified balsamic vinaigrette

Grilled Mixed Artisan Vegetables - brushed with an Italian citrus

Spring Asparagus poached crisp with honey-sesame sauce

Long Grain Rice Pilaf - baked with vegetable broth, Provençale herbs & olive oil

Roasted New Potatoes - with sea salt & fresh herbs

Main Course

Choose Any Two

BBQ’d Beef Brochettes -tender cubes of top sirloin marinated with garlic, ginger & fresh herbs

Grilled Italian Chicken Breast - served with lemon, fresh basil, oregano

BC Wild Poached Salmon - served with an lemon dill sauce

Roast Top Sirloin (add $3 per person)  - served with a rich Saskatoon Berry au jus

Summer / Fall Buffet – $40.65 per guest

Based on 50 guests

Salads & Sides

Traditional Caesar Salad - romaine lettuce leaves with baguette croutons & grated reggiano, creamy Caesar dressing

West coast Quinoa Salad - tender quinoa, sundried cranberries and fresh mint tossed in a lemon & Artisan olive oil dressing

Red Beet Salad - sliced beets, red cabbage & red onions sprinkled with Roquefort cheese, served with apple cider vinaigrette

Grilled Mixed Artisan Vegetables - brushed with an Italian citrus

Roasted Asparagus - brushed with lemon butter

Penne Noodles - tossed in nut butter with fresh sage

Goat cheese & garlic whipped potatoes

Main Course

Choose Any Two

Boeuf Bourguignon - traditional Burgundy beef stew with red wine, demi-glace, pearl onions, & mushrooms

Caramelized Pork Loin Roast - studded with a garlic & rubbed with mustard & rosemary

Roast garlic & herb marinated beef Tri-tip with Bleu cheese & onions

Grilled chicken with roasted tomatoes & fresh herbs

 Fall / Winter Buffet – $48.00 per guest

Based on 50 guests

Salads & Sides

Pear, Beet & Fennel Salad - tossed in a creamy Roquefort dressing

Beluga Lentil & Wild rice Salad - with cranberries, almonds, roasted peppers, goat cheese & wine vinegar dressing

Heirloom Carrots - glazed in honey & fresh thyme

Grilled Artisan Vegetables - brushed with an Italian citrus

Farfalle Pasta - tossed in roasted roma tomato sauce & garnished with fresh basil

Parisienne Potatoes - sautéed in butter with fine fresh herbs

Main Course

Choose Any Two

Chicken stuffed with goat cheese & basil pesto

Boeuf Bourguignon - traditional Burgundy beef stew with red wine, demi-glace, pearl onions, & mushrooms

Caramelized Pork Loin Roast - Wrapped in prosciutto with cranberry apple chutney

BC Wild Grilled Salmon with pineapple, fresh thyme, marmalade topping

The absolute best Boneless Prime Rib roast carving station – horseradish ~ au jus – add $2 / guest 

Bite Size Dessert Buffet - Add $7.50 per person

Assorted cakes, squares, pies, fresh fruit & chocolate flavours

All meals served with house baked bread / buns with trio of flavored butters

Gluten free and vegetarian options are also available