Choose one meat item and two side dishes to make up your gourmet meal. Reasonably priced for delivery to your home or office. 

10 person minimum order. 

Meat dishes
Shrimp newburg – rich & creamy sauce
Thai honey chicken - pairs great with coconut rice
Sole poached with tomatoes, artichokes & mushrooms - very healthy
Chicken in phyllo with spinach & Feta – impress your family with this Greek inspired dish
Indonesian chicken with curry, cumin, coconut & chopped peanuts
Sirloin tip roast beef with Saskatoon Berry gravy – Sask raised beef with a richly flavoured gravy
Pork meatballs with creamy mushroom sauce – comfort food at its finest
Pork tenderloin medallions in grainy bourbon mustard, apples & rosemary – Rave reviews, very tender
Fillet of sole wrapped in parchment with lemon & wine – light and fresh
Chicken breast steamed in lemon & white wine with fresh herbs – incredible flavour
Baked sweet & sour pork – with pineapple bites & sesame seeds
Roast turkey with fruit & nut stuffing

Side dishes
Corn & cheese potato pancakes
Mashed rutabaga with carrots & orange
Moroccan vegetable couscous – two side dishes in one. Very healthy!
Harvest vegetable & bean ragout – a great vegetarian meal in itself
Indonesian rice with coconut milk, honey & lemon
Roasted Butternut squash with Swiss cheese & sage – great combination of flavours
Baked & stuffed potatoes with bacon, cheese & herbs
Oven roasted potato wedges with oregano & lemon – a Greek classic
Grilled pineapple slices with maple syrup
Sweet potatoes roasted with cumin & paprika – did you know the sweet potato is one of the healthiest veggies in the world?
Asparagus with maple cream – million-dollar recipe!
Roasted root vegetable casserole – carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, turnips, onions, sweet potatoes
Creamy garlic & chive mashed potatoes
Hand cut vegetables steamed in white wine & lemon

One-dish meals
Curried chicken pot pie with buttermilk biscuit crust
Meat pie with wildrice & cheese topping
Chicken primavera in creamy sauce with fresh herbs
Lasagna … ground beef, vegetarian, turkey or salmon
Shepherd’s pie with creamy garlic mashed potato topping
Turkey pot pie with sweet potato crust
Ginger chicken stir-fry served over Basmati rice
Spicy Cajun Jambalaya with shrimp, chicken & sausage and lots of rice & beans

Expressive Salads
Mescaline greens with fresh garden crudities and cheese
The twisted Greek
A Classic Caesar - Served with a stick of gum
Shrimp, Asparagus & Strawberry Salad
Unforgettable delicious tri-coloured potato salad
Sweet & Sour Slaw
Won't go to your Thai - Noodle Salad
Fresh and delicious fruit salad - with chopped mint and lemon

*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free