Breakfast Menu 2017

Fresh Home Baked Sweet Muffins, Scones, Breakfast Breads
Assorted varieties – Saskatoon Lemon loaf ~ Cranberry orange loaf ~ Pumpkin Maple Breakfast Bread ~ Chocolate Coconut Loaf ~ Carrot Pineapple Coconut Bread, Sunshine muffins, Prairie Cherry Scones….etc.
$3  per person

Fresh baked SAVOURY muffins, loaves, scones

Assorted varieties (Bacon & Cheddar muffins

~  Zucchini Sweet potato bread ~ Spinach & Feta muffins ~ Tomato Zucchini Corn & Cheddar muffins, etc.)

Totally Baked Hemp Protein Granola Bars
Our go-to breakfast bar, snack and energy booster.
$4 per bar

Decorative Fruit Tray
Fresh seasonal fruit displayed beautifully.

Fruit Skewers
With maple cream drizzle
$4 per skewer

Grapefruit Cups
Grapefruit halves stuffed with fresh fruit and freshly snipped mint
$5 per cup

Fresh Baked Quiche
Choose from veggie, meaty or salmon & asparagus
$8/person (minimum order of 10 please)

Fruit and Sweet Bread Combo
Breakfast bread or cake in combination with a fresh fruit tray.
$7 per person

Hot Breakfast Bakes
Always changing. Ask about our daily selections that will keep you going all day.

Breakfast bakes may include….. 

Italian Frittata - shaved potato base ~ eggs ~ Rosemary Ham ~ peppers ~ onions ~ tomatoes ~ fresh basil ~ Parmesan cheese 

Blueberry waffle bake - Waffle bites ~ blueberries ~ cream cheese ~ eggs ~ cream ~ maple syrup ~ whipped cream 

Quiche - assorted varieties:  salmon & asparagus ~ veggie & cheese ~ meat & cheese (ham & bacon) 

Eggs Benedict Casserole - English muffins ~ eggs ~ spinach ~ ham ~ hollandaise sauce 

Apple raisin French toast - bread ~ eggs ~ apples ~ raisins ~ cinnamon ~ maple syrup

$7 per person (minimum 10 people)

Breakfast Bowls (individual)

Museili with Greek yogurt/fresh fruit/honey/hemp & chia


Fresh Bottled Juice
$2.50 per bottle

Fresh Brewed Coffee & Tea with condiments

$3 per bottle

House made Energy punch (purified water, citrus, berries, cucumber, mint, ginger) –



Prices subject to change

Prices are plus taxes (11%)

Delivery fee applicable if relevant ($20)

*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free


Deli Board Sandwiches
Assorted fresh & healthy sandwiches made with fresh baked breads, totally scrumptious deli meats, egg salad, salmon salad all cuddled up with tasty cheeses, house-made sprouts & fresh garden alternatives. 
Ask for *GF options!
$7 per person

Warm Sandwiches

  • Root Beer Pulled Pork with onions on a house-made herb bun *DF
  • Portabella mushroom burger with balsamic vinegar & fresh grated parmesan cheese & fresh garden greens *VEG
  • West-coast grilled veggie sandwich with house-made pesto *VEG
  • Pulled teriyaki chicken with Asian veggies *DF
  • Smoked salmon rice paper rolls with fresh cilantro, rice noodles, sesame cabbage & spicy chili sauce *GF *DF
  • Bacon wrapped stuffed (spicy Jack cheese/peppers/onions/mushrooms) burgers with house made BBQ sauce on a toasty bun
  • Chicken, gorgonzola, bacon & apple with Prairie Cherry relish

$10 per person

Side Salads

  • Greek pasta salad with tri-coloured rotini noodles & loads of veggies *VEG
  • Tail-gate Coleslaw with apples, grapes & toasted sesame seeds *GF *VEG
  • Southwest bean salad with corn, avocado, peppers, onions, jalapeño &   fresh herbs & garlic *GF *VEG *DF
  • Classic Caesar with house-made croutons & our own kiss-me-garlic dressing
  • Quinoa & Kale with seasonal beautiful things ~ lemon dressing (Super healthy!) *GF *VEG *DF
  • Asian Red cabbage salad - cilantro, ginger, garlic & honey give this a bang!
  • Dill cucumber salad *GF *VEG
  • Really fresh crisp greens with veggies & basil infused vinaigrette on the side

$5 per person

Souper Douper Soups

  • Italian Meatball *DF
  • Butternut squash with garlic & ginger *GF *VEG *DF
  • THE SOUP – green lentils, potato, carrot, onions, tomato, garlic, ginger, lemon juice & spices. *GF *VEG *DF
  • Hearty beef barley
  • Turkey vegetable

Seasonal varieties, ask us what’s in the pot!

Health Bowl - All the tasty health bowls are super delicious & nutritious....totally Gluten free & guaranteed to put a skip in your step!  Fuel up on these tasty bowls!

  • Chicken Fajita Bowl - Lemon/lime chicken, 7 grain rice, peppers, red onion, black beans, corn with a cilantro avocado dressing.  Ole!
  • Groovy Girl Bowl - Kale, spinach, chick peas, dried cranberries, almonds, feta cheese, roasted beets or squash, hemp seeds, with lemony tahini dressing.  Make it a Groovy Guy by adding some meat:  chicken, shrimp or baked BC salmon + $4/person
  • Rainbow Power Bowl - Red cabbage, broccoli, peppers, carrots, kale, greenonions, sprouts, cilantro, peanuts with honey-sesame dressing.  Add shrimp, chicken or baked BC salmon + $4/person
  • Walking on Sunshine bowl - Hard boiled eggs, avocado, spinach, pickled beets & onions, cucumber, goat cheese, hemp seeds & basil infused vinaigrette  dressing
  • Megan's Special Bowl of Fun - Whatever Megan wants you get...a surprise every time!!

All items served with house baked seed crackers
10 person minimum order

$10 per person

Hot Dishes

  • Shepherd’s pie with garlic & chive mashed potato topping
  • Turkey pot pie with sweet potato crust
  • Ground beef OR Vegetarian *VEG OR Salmon (*GF Available)
  • Black bean chicken chili *GF
  • Vegetarian chili *GF *VEG
  • Beef brisket chili *GF
  • Warm ya up beef stew
  • Chicken Moroccan stew *GF
  • Spicy Cajun jambalaya
  • Sweet & sour pork stew *GF

All items served with house baked bread
10 person minimum order

$10 per person

Things that round out your lunch

  • Crisp veggies with honey-sesame dip - $4 per person *GF *VGN
  • Fresh seasonal fruit - $5 per person
  • Fresh fruit skewers - $5 per skewer
  • Totally Baked Hemp Protein Granola Bars - $4/each *GF *DF *VGN *LF

Keeping you sweet

  • Wallnuts famous chocolate chunk pecan almond coconut cookies
  • Brownies (regular cake & *GF)
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip pecan cookies *GF *DF
  • Spice cake with cream cheese icing
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip with bananas *GF *DF

We are baking all the time. Ask about our other freaky creations!
$2.50 per piece

Get Drank
We only serve drinks we love to drink. Sparkling fruit juices, ice tea & other neat flavored drinks with an emphasis on tasty & healthy!
$2.50  per drink

Coffee/tea with condiments - Really good coffee...really neat tea varieties


*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free

Afternoon Tea

Menu One
Fruit & cheese display
Afternoon tea sandwiches - smoked salmon, chicken salad with Indian spices & almonds, cucumber with minted cream cheese
Freshly baked scones served with fig compote, homemade strawberry jam & Devonshire cream
Cheesecake & lemon squares
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Hummingbird cake with lemon drizzle
English tea served with lemon slices, honey, fresh cream, milk, natural sugar, lump sugar, artificial sweetener
Sparkling lemon mint water

Menu Two
Fresh cut vegetables with warm maple cream
Afternoon tea sandwiches - curried egg salad with fresh snipped chives, minted radish with lemon mayonnaise, smoked turkey with saskatoon chutney
Mini quiches
Freshly baked scones served with fig compote, homemade strawberry jam & Devonshire cream
Assorted tea pastries & petits fours
Cinnamon coffee cake with apples & cheddar
English tea served with lemon slices, honey, fresh cream, milk, natural sugar, lump sugar, artificial sweetener
Sparkling fruit punch

Pricing depends on number of guest & service requirements. Let's sit down and plan your tea party together!

*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free


Choose one meat item and two side dishes to make up your gourmet meal. Reasonably priced for delivery to your home or office. 

10 person minimum order. 

Meat dishes
Shrimp newburg – rich & creamy sauce
Thai honey chicken - pairs great with coconut rice
Sole poached with tomatoes, artichokes & mushrooms - very healthy
Chicken in phyllo with spinach & Feta – impress your family with this Greek inspired dish
Indonesian chicken with curry, cumin, coconut & chopped peanuts
Sirloin tip roast beef with Saskatoon Berry gravy – Sask raised beef with a richly flavoured gravy
Pork meatballs with creamy mushroom sauce – comfort food at its finest
Pork tenderloin medallions in grainy bourbon mustard, apples & rosemary – Rave reviews, very tender
Fillet of sole wrapped in parchment with lemon & wine – light and fresh
Chicken breast steamed in lemon & white wine with fresh herbs – incredible flavour
Baked sweet & sour pork – with pineapple bites & sesame seeds
Roast turkey with fruit & nut stuffing

Side dishes
Corn & cheese potato pancakes
Mashed rutabaga with carrots & orange
Moroccan vegetable couscous – two side dishes in one. Very healthy!
Harvest vegetable & bean ragout – a great vegetarian meal in itself
Indonesian rice with coconut milk, honey & lemon
Roasted Butternut squash with Swiss cheese & sage – great combination of flavours
Baked & stuffed potatoes with bacon, cheese & herbs
Oven roasted potato wedges with oregano & lemon – a Greek classic
Grilled pineapple slices with maple syrup
Sweet potatoes roasted with cumin & paprika – did you know the sweet potato is one of the healthiest veggies in the world?
Asparagus with maple cream – million-dollar recipe!
Roasted root vegetable casserole – carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, turnips, onions, sweet potatoes
Creamy garlic & chive mashed potatoes
Hand cut vegetables steamed in white wine & lemon

One-dish meals
Curried chicken pot pie with buttermilk biscuit crust
Meat pie with wildrice & cheese topping
Chicken primavera in creamy sauce with fresh herbs
Lasagna … ground beef, vegetarian, turkey or salmon
Shepherd’s pie with creamy garlic mashed potato topping
Turkey pot pie with sweet potato crust
Ginger chicken stir-fry served over Basmati rice
Spicy Cajun Jambalaya with shrimp, chicken & sausage and lots of rice & beans

Expressive Salads
Mescaline greens with fresh garden crudities and cheese
The twisted Greek
A Classic Caesar - Served with a stick of gum
Shrimp, Asparagus & Strawberry Salad
Unforgettable delicious tri-coloured potato salad
Sweet & Sour Slaw
Won't go to your Thai - Noodle Salad
Fresh and delicious fruit salad - with chopped mint and lemon

*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free

Desserts & Baking

Loaves - $15
Pumpkin maple breakfast bread
Saskatoon lemon loaf
Prairie cherry with grated orange & ginger
Banana walnut raisin loaf

Cookies - $2.50 each
Chocolate Chunk Almond Coconut
Double Chocolate Chunk
Chocolate Ginger Leaves
Lemon Poppyseed Shortbread
Ginger Spice Shortbread
Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread

Squares & Bars - $2.50 each
Cranberry Coconut Pecan Squares
Buttertart Slice
Lemon Bars
Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Squares

*GF - Gluten Free, *VEGG - Vegan, *VEG - Vegetarian, *DF - Dairy Free, *LF - Lactose Free